I've got followers!!

Hey--I just noticed. A bunch of people are reading this. And there was me thinking I was just keeping a kind of online diary!

Who the heck are you guys? And why don't you ever write me?

So anyway, as I was saying, Pierre was over and he spent the night watching soccer with my roomie, Bepe. I was so fed up, I had pretty much decided to call it a day when Pierre rang me on my mobile yesterday to see if I wanted to go with him to Bull Island for a walk.

As I had nothing else to do, I agreed.

Wow, I wasn't expecting that. You can't really see anything from the road, but it's beautiful out there. The island is low and flat, so the beauty is in the details; nesting birds, low-growing bushes sea shells and the shiny, snot-green, scrotum-tightening sea as Joyce would say. Except the sun came out while we were there and it was blue. I think I impressed him with my ability to make stones skip (up to twelve times; I grew up in a tiny outport and there wasn't a whole lot else to do when I was a kid.)

Afterwards we picked up some fish 'n' chips and came back here to eat the. Bepe was out with the tiny-assed girlfriend so we were on our own and. Well. Romance blossomed.