Happy Labour Day

So the last time I wrote I was really pissed with Bepe. Turns out HE was really pissed with me, because he had seen me coming in with Morticia and Wednesday and thought I had seen him and was ignoring when in fact I hadn't seen him and thought he was ignoring me when I did see him. So it was all a misunderstanding. But he and his buddies were still leering at girls and my feminist sensibilities were definitely drunkenly offended. But possibly that's not fair as I did see a very cute guy the very next evening and did some leering of my own.

I did have a little laugh to myself on Wednesday when Fabia was over to visit loverboy, thinking how she is so besotted with herself she probably hasn't a clue that he eyes up all the other girls when she is not around. So there.

Anyway. Work has been going well and I have been making excited plans to go to something in the upcoming Gay Theatre Festival!!!! I can only afford to go to one thing so I am working really hard to choose. There seem to be two categories--musicals and misery. I naturally lean towards doom and gloom, so I am thinking maybe a musical this time to shake me out of my rut.

Did you know that homosexuality was only decriminalised in Ireland in 1993? Jiminy cricket! That is well within my lifetime! For a country that produced one of the world's most famous gay men, that is pretty weird.

Because I'm writing my dissertation on Goth Lit I'm thinking I'll go see the Picture of Dorian Gray by the great man himself.

But I don't want to go on my own so I'm looking for a companion. I've asked the girls and they were definitely not interested so as I don't know many people yet I'm thinking maybe Bepe...I'll even put up with Fabia if she wants to come. I just feel a bit shy about going to the theatre by myself.

The weekend starts tomorrow and I do hope the weather will be nice because I'm up for my trek to the Hell Fire Club! Can't wait!

One beer too many

I'm a little drunk. Not DRUNK drunk, but just a bit tipsy. I know I'll regret it in the morning when I have a meeting with my supervisor.

So I was out with my girlfriends (we'll call them Morticia and Wednesday) planning a trip to the Hell Fire Club for the weekend (of which more after it happens) and we went to Eamonn Doran's (spelling?) for a drink. It's a noisy, dark sort of place and there seemed to be a lot of language students there. Or at any rate, I think I pretty much got hit on in about six different languages. This is not necessarily my favourite type of bar but a lot of people looked like they were having fun and after three pints (hic) I was OK too.

Morticia (Sociology major) and Wednesday (an engineering student so we don't have a lot in common but she's from New Brunswick so we are bonding over East Coast of Canada issues) were laughing at the guys at the next table who were openly LEERING at the girls going by and we were getting all feminist on their asses and then one of them turned around and it was BEPE.

We just looked at each other and exchanged icy nods and got back to our respective friends.
WTF? It's not like I want to be best buddies with him or anything but a little friendliness wouldn't have gone out of place. We're roommates, after all. I'm going to have to talk to him about it in the morning. Maybe I should leave? We were actually getting on OK and I thought we'd found a vibe that worked.
Maybe I'm just not used to the city. Sniff.
Anyway, there are posters all over the place advertising a "Gay Theatre Festival". I relayed this information to my sister who repeated it to her husband who said (sic) "Gay Theatre Festival? Is there any other kind?"

What a moron. And to think he's coming to visit. Ass.

Here's a picture of him.

I'm going to bed.

Goth lit in the city; Jonathan Swift's girlfriend's skull!!!!

I have been working very hard. Lectures don't begin until the fall semester and I don't have to hand in my dissertation until the summer but I've been wanting to get a head start so I'm sorted out with a card for the university library and I have been getting my head into the books.

I am so totally eighteenth century, although if I had lived then, I'd have rather been a man. Preferably http://englishhistory.net/byron.html.

TCD library is a tad disappointing, all modern lighting and carrels and not at all like the cool old library where all the tourists go and where I will visit when my older, richer sister is over and will pay for me. On the other hand, the new library is very well stocked and I can find everything I need for my research.

On the third hand, I have found some better places to study. Right nearby, I've been hauling my ass into the National Library. Even the smell in there makes me feel more scholarly and wise. I can sit at a great old mahogany desk and order up books and just inhale the generations of wisdom. Loving it. Plus, I kind of have a crush on one of the librarians. I just want to take off his glasses and ruffle his hair and pat him on his corduroy-clad ass and say "But George...you're beautiful..."

On the fourth hand, there's an even cooler library in town. Marsh's Library, which was founded when my home town, and even St. John's, were just a twinkle in the eye of the colonists. It was founded in 1701 and seems to look pretty much as it did on the day it opened. On the minus side, I don't really need to use any of their books which aren't really on my topic. On the plus side, they have a very realistic old replica of Dean Swift's girlfriend's skull!!! Apparently they dug the poor lady up to take a cast of her skull and then put her back. Why? Who knows.

Photo posed by model. Not actual skull.

I'm off to bed. Bepe had some friends around this evening and he made massive amounts of pizza and I'm full. Thankfully, Fabia didn't make an appearance with her teeny ass and her stupid lace underwear. But the friends all missed their buses so now the living room is full of Italians drinking wine and shouting at each other about football. Or something.

I don't care. I've got my earplugs.