Fringe Festival again!

You know that "where's time gone" feeling? I'm having it right now. The Dublin Fringe Festival is on in a month or so, and it really, seriously only feels as though a few weeks have passed since the last one! What happened? I guess I've just been so busy, that's all. But is that what it's going to be like for the rest of my life? I'll be an old lady by December at this rate.

Anyhow, the fringe festival is fantastic. I had such a good time at it last year. Among the many wonderful thing about the festival is that the shows are a heck of a lot cheaper than mainstream theatre so you can afford to take chances. Odds are good that the show will be great. Not necesssarily very easy to understand, but great nonetheless.

The barbecue Tuesday was a bit of a washout as it rained on the grill and half the stuff ended up undercooked. Today, on the other hand, the sun is out so you never know; maybe we'll try again.

In other exciting  news, I'm off to Amsterdam for one day and one night. It's not long, I know, but Dublin is so close to other European cities, in terms of the number of hours spent travelling and it's so darn cheap to get around this continent I thought, what the hey... let's do it. I'm going on my own because nobody was free to come with me, but seriously, I actually really enjoy being on my own at times. I'm totally psyched. Amsterdam!! Who cares if I'm staying in the cheapest hostel I could find online.

barbecue time

It's grey, it's not that warm and overall I've seen better days in Dublin's Fair City, but I don't care; we're having some friends around and we're having a barbecue! There aren't many days when housemate Bepe and I are both off work, but today is one of them.

Having a barbecue at our place is a complicated business, because our balcony is small. Complicated, because it's difficult making sure that the smoke stays outside, where it's supposed to be, rather than inside, where it's not supposed to be!! I have bought some fancy stuff on the cheap on Moore Street. Also some African peanut sauce from one of the diners in Moore Street Mall, which I may try to pass off as my own, depending on how much people like it.

If you're in town and you like gruesome/sad histories, there's a great exhibition on in Collins Barracks museum (near my place; you might even smell the barbecue from there!) It's about the Irish at war. Personally, I find shows like that pretty upsetting. I prefer my blood-and-guts to be of the fictional variety. But I am aware that there are lots of people who don't agree, and it is a fantastic spot to visit.

So, ladies and gentleman, my disposable barbecue and a fridgeful of cold beer await me. If you're on Bachelor's Walk, and you see a cloud of smoke, don't be alarmed. It's me and Bepe cooking dinner!