Too much of a good thing

So I'm about to leave for the bus down to Wicklow but I have to vent. Bepe just told me that, on August 2nd, his mom, dad and sisters are coming to stay for ten days.

No problem, right? But he has told them that they can stay HERE in our teeny-tiny two-bed apartment. He's already bought a couple of those inflatable mattresses. Isn't that a bit much? I mean, my family came but they stayed in a hotel. He didn't even ASK me.

I don't even have time to deal with this right now. We'll just have to talk about it when I get back

Lidl Rocks

Lidl is fantastic! Even better than Costco, which is the version we've got back home.

I'm getting pretty psyched about my upcoming solo camping trip. I was prevaricating between Meath and Wicklow and for now I'm going to Wicklow. I bought a tent in Lidl for less than you've probably paid for pizza. I'm glad I brought my hiking boots. I've found a campground to stay in.
I've bought a detailed map. It's from the Ordance Survey and I'm pretty excited about it as it's so fricking detailed. I didn't know there was so much archaeology in Wicklow!!

Bepe says, "You'll last a night camping on your own." But I am actually looking forward to some me-time, in the country. I have packed a bunch of books to read and anyway it'll probably be reasonably easy to hook up with people in the campground if I too get lonely. I can't wait!! I like being in the city but sometimes the best thing about the city is leaving it for a a few days.

So you'll hear from me when I'm back. I expect to be totally relaxed and a couple of kilos lighter :-p

Drag on at the Dragon

So last night I wasn't going to go anywhere. I popped out to pick up some instant noodles at Spar (cue Bepe's vocal disapproval: "You will die young and fat if you keep eating that American rubbish) when I bumped into this girl I slightly know from TCD library. As in, I didn't know her name until last night but I had met her in the shelves poring over a Bram Stoker bio and we had had a few words.

"I was just going for a drink," she said (we'll call her "Belle" for the purposes of this blog. "Wanna come?"

I told her I didn't have any money but she said she'd stand me a drink and I could catch her the next time. She told me she was going to The Dragon.

"Isn't that a gay bar?" I asked, to which she said, "Well, kinda, but everyone goes because the music is rocking and the decor is really cool."

The decor is really cool, I'll give it that. But I don't usually like gay bars and the reason why is this: Way too many gay men are really, really good-looking and it's just not fair and it is not nice being around all those gorgeous hunks of man-flesh and knowing that all their eyes are for each other and not for me. It's demoralising and it's like being in an ice-cream parlour and being told to ignore all those FABULOUS flavous and here, just gnaw on this hank of withering broccoli.

Anyway. So we went. And it was fun. I had a mojito. (Not bad although I think they are better in the Gypsy Tea Room back home). The music, while not the mildly depressing stuff I generally prefer, was great. So much so that after knocking back a mojito, I got up to dance. So did Belle. And we were having a great time, until I noticed several people looking at us with "what a cute little couple" expressions. So I went up to the bar and got a glass of water. Belle wanted to know why I had stopped dancing and suddenly doubt filled my mind. Was I on a date? How could I tell? At what point does a drink in a gay bar with a pretty girl stop being just a drink and become a date you hadn't really counted on? Well, I went home shortly after that although we arranged to go to Cafe Bar Deli for pizza when I get back from my camping trip next week as I didn't want her to think that I thought that she thought...well you get the picture.

So now I am planning my camping trip. I still need a tent, but I've already spent my entire budget for July and am eating into August's money. I need to get a part-time job, seriously. I will address this issue in August when hopefully some of the other 450,000 job seekers will have collapsed into apathy.

Tired and emotional

Well, I did two days in Oxegen -- day passes so I had to stay (expensively) in a B&B but it was worth it. It rained, it poured, but it was great. I've never been in a such a big crowd before and I've never been so muddy before either. Fabulous. Peter Doherty was AMAZING and while I'm not usually a huge fan of Lady Gaga she was great. Most of all, the energy was fabulous, just the fact of having so many people having a cool time together.

Right now, I'm in TCD Library with a huge pile of books trying to do some more background reading but I'm just too tired to really care. I've brought my swimsuit and I'm planning to go for a swim at the Countess Markevicz (sp.?) pool. I looked her up and she's a strange choice for someone to name a pool after but whatever. I need to do something good n health as a certain amount of beer was consumed at the weekend.

Ooh. Bepe just sent me a text! A package has arrived from Mom. It must be her bottled moose. I'm off to Dinner with Saoirse's First Cousin Once Removed the FAMOUS IRISH ROCK STAR in two weeks and Mom couldn't be dissuaded. At least I'll be prepared.

To cancel out the ill-effects of last weekend, I've decided to go camping for a week. I don't have a lot of money so suggestions please! I'm gonna take a week off but not go too far from the city in case the weather is awful. I'm thinking Wicklow, maybe Meath? Not sure if I'll go alone for Blissful Solitute or invite someone.