Tired and emotional

Well, I did two days in Oxegen -- day passes so I had to stay (expensively) in a B&B but it was worth it. It rained, it poured, but it was great. I've never been in a such a big crowd before and I've never been so muddy before either. Fabulous. Peter Doherty was AMAZING and while I'm not usually a huge fan of Lady Gaga she was great. Most of all, the energy was fabulous, just the fact of having so many people having a cool time together.

Right now, I'm in TCD Library with a huge pile of books trying to do some more background reading but I'm just too tired to really care. I've brought my swimsuit and I'm planning to go for a swim at the Countess Markevicz (sp.?) pool. I looked her up and she's a strange choice for someone to name a pool after but whatever. I need to do something good n health as a certain amount of beer was consumed at the weekend.

Ooh. Bepe just sent me a text! A package has arrived from Mom. It must be her bottled moose. I'm off to Dinner with Saoirse's First Cousin Once Removed the FAMOUS IRISH ROCK STAR in two weeks and Mom couldn't be dissuaded. At least I'll be prepared.

To cancel out the ill-effects of last weekend, I've decided to go camping for a week. I don't have a lot of money so suggestions please! I'm gonna take a week off but not go too far from the city in case the weather is awful. I'm thinking Wicklow, maybe Meath? Not sure if I'll go alone for Blissful Solitute or invite someone.


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