It's raining men!!

Or it was last night, at the London gay men's choir's production of Oklahomo! (sic) I don't remember when I've laughed so much. Hilarious!! I love that venue, too. It's called Smock Alley.

Ooooh! I just googled Smock Alley so that I could post a hyperlink and found out that it's actually an old, 17th century theatre was was dug up and reopened! Amazing. Read all about it. Ha, but I bet the original founders back 16-whenever wouldn't have envisioned last night's show; about 20 gay men acting out Oklahoma! the musical, along with some more modern numbers. Fantastic. I laughed until I cried, literally. Also lost my heart to the DEVASTATINGLY HANDSOME dark-haired man showing everyone to their seats. Is there any chance he's not gay? Any? None? Shucks.

Anyway. I handed in my dissertation today. I thought I would be exhausted/relieved but I just feel a bit confused. No doubt I'll still be asked for some revisions and changes, but most of the work has been done. Saoirse, my best Irish galpal took me out for lunch to celebrate. It's a bit premature, but as she insisted....

We went to a place called "Green Nineteen" on Camden Street, about a 15 minute walk from college. I had homemade gingerbeer! Now that's pretty fancy. Nice place. When I have a little cash to spend, I'm gonna go back and treat myself to a cocktail!

Tonight though, I'm going to bed. This whole handing-in-the-dissertation business has me worn out and I'm watching a couple of kids tomorrow so I'll need my wits about me.

I can cook!

I can cook!!! The hard-hearted might suggest that I'm stretching the truth a little here, but so far as I'm concerned, getting dinner right three nights in a row without burning anything is a major achievement. When Bepe first suggested I pick up some work in his restaurant, I felt as though he might as well have proposed I go out and become an astronaut or something, but now I think I might be in with a chance to score a... well, a minimum wage job!

Joking aside, my head is just so full of facts and literature right now I think a spell working in the real world and getting my hands dirty is just what I need.

I wanted to say "thanks" to Bepe for all the time he's been spending helping me learn how to cook, so I was thinking I might take him to this. It's a show in the Dublin Dance Festival which is starting soon, and it's an Irish-Italian collaboration so I think it's apt for an Italian guy living in Dublin. It's true that he's more into sports and stuff than this sort of thing but we all need to try new stuff, right?

ooooh boy...

I've already talked on here about the Gay Theatre festival that started yesterday. I'm ashamed to say that I actually dropped into The Dragon on George's Street last night to see if it was full of gay theatrical types. I'm going to stop going in there, although I do love the decor. It's just too sad sitting among some of the handsomest men in Dublin and not being chatted up by any of 'em!!!

Anyway, I got text from my Uncle Joey who tells me that he's coming up to see a show with his, eh, buddy,this weekend and can they stay in my apartment. I'm really glad the whole out-of-the-closet thing is working out well for him, but when he originally came over what now seems like ages ago, he stayed in a hotel, but now that he's actually living in Ireland, seems he wants to stay in this EXTREMELY TINY apartment. Meanwhile, he's asked me not to tell anyone back home that he's living with another man, in case they "jump to conclusions".

[Rolls eyes]

Anyway, the prize for the best-named show in the Gay Theatre Festival has just got to be Oklahomo from the London Gay Men's Chorus, and I've just gotta go.

Interesting news: My greengrocer, fount of all useful information about Dublin, is going to a show starring a close friend of his daughter, a successful milliner. "I got an awful shock when he came out of the closet," he said, "but I'm after getting used to it now, and I always tell him whatever anyone does, so long as they don't do it on the streets and scare the horses, it's none of my business."

I so love that guy, and I would so miss him if I ever leave Dublin. He's such a poet!

Got to run -- my flatmate is teaching me how to make "osso buco" (spelling?) tonight.