I can cook!

I can cook!!! The hard-hearted might suggest that I'm stretching the truth a little here, but so far as I'm concerned, getting dinner right three nights in a row without burning anything is a major achievement. When Bepe first suggested I pick up some work in his restaurant, I felt as though he might as well have proposed I go out and become an astronaut or something, but now I think I might be in with a chance to score a... well, a minimum wage job!

Joking aside, my head is just so full of facts and literature right now I think a spell working in the real world and getting my hands dirty is just what I need.

I wanted to say "thanks" to Bepe for all the time he's been spending helping me learn how to cook, so I was thinking I might take him to this. It's a show in the Dublin Dance Festival which is starting soon, and it's an Irish-Italian collaboration so I think it's apt for an Italian guy living in Dublin. It's true that he's more into sports and stuff than this sort of thing but we all need to try new stuff, right?


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