Weekend too short

I feel as though the weekend should still be here. I watched kids all day Saturday, worked in the restaurant Saturday and Sunday night and today I'm ready to sleep!!! I wish I was sleeping now. I'm doing as many hours as possible at the moment because I really want to attend as much as I can of the Dun Laoighire Festival of World Cultures, which is on next week. It's really good that a country with such a great music tradition of its own is hosting musicians from all over the world. Of course, I particularly love that most of the shows are free :-) I went to this festival last year, and it was fabulous!

Speaking of traditional musicians, on Sunday, yesterday, I bumped into this complete loser I was dating for a while. He got married a few months ago. I managed to politely ask him how he was doing and he said, "I'm beginning to have doubts about the wisdom of getting hitched at this stage in my life."

My god. He has a daughter with her! I can't believe what I was thinking! I mean, Irish guys are great, by and large, but this one's a dud. Still, I was kind of unsettled by the whole encounter so after work I grabbed Bepe, my flatmate, and made him come out for a drink with me. I had four drinks which, these days, working as hard as I do at the moment, is a lot. We went to Anseo up on Camden Street, which should be only about 15 minutes' walk back home but somehow ended up taking an hour. Might have had something to do with the diversion for fish and chips on the way home!! Seriously, though, one of worst things about alcohol is the way it lowers your resistance to chips. I'm eating nothing but carrot sticks today, in penance. Anyway, Anseo was pretty nice. It's too easy to end up going to just "your regular" pub, over and over again. I've decided to go to a different one every time I go out for a drink, just to get a broad perspective! There are so many different types, and it's not always apparent what one will be like until you've been there for a while. Yes: I am beginning to understand the varied, subtle nuances of real Dublin pubs!!!

I probably won't blog much this week as I'm going to be working so much in preparation for time off next weekend so, if anyone is at the festival and has any good photos, please get in touch! I'd like to put some up here and don't know if I'll get around to taking any!