Arctics winds

After a long, lovely period of mild weather, it's turned cold. Not nasty cold, because it's actually a very sunny day, but definitely time to root out the winter boots, gloves and coats and absolutely time to break into a hot port and brandy! The old-style bars about town have lit their fires, and there's a real feeling of winter in the air, even though it's not quite Hallow'een.

Anyways, somehow this colder weather makes me feel more like doing and thinking about serious things, so I've decided to splash out on a couple of tickets to see an Ibsen show at the Abbey theatre. I've never seen anything by Ibsen before although it's one of those names you hear a lot of, and although I spent 5 years studying literature. So it's definitely time to go.

On the homefront, I've been practising my traditional Irish fall recipes. Calcannon (spelling?) is a wonderful thing. Somehow you combine potatoes, dark cabbage and a few other ingredients and you get something wonderful. I'm not that fond of cabbage as a rule but I can make a big exception in this case. My local greengrocer told me that, at Hallow'een, the traditional thing is to hide money in the food for the children to find!


My friends at Dublin Tourism have just given me a "Visit Dublin" app that someone over there has developed for the iPhone. As I'm the proud owner of an iPhone as of a couple of weeks ago, I've been having some fun trying it out. It's not really for me anymore as I've been here for quite a while now, but I think it would be cool if you were visiting and didn't want to carry a guidebook around. For the spatially challenged who get lost easily (hi Mom) it's good because it gives directions.

Anyways, if you are planning to visit Dublin you can check it out here.

Though I haven't been babysitting much lately, I've picked up some work watching the kids I used to take care of every Saturday over their mid-term break, which starts next week. I've totted up the hours and that means that next week I'll be working at least sixty hours. But it's all in a good cause: Christmas.

Anyway, the good news is that there's actually a lot on over Hallow'een and because their Mom likes me to take them out and about as much as possible, we'll probably be doing that. I hope it won't be too cold because I'm thinking that our best option is probably a Hidden Dublin walk.  Or not. I just checked and it's adults only. But I do want to do it anyway!!! 

Weekends for kitchen workers

When you work in a restaurant, weekends don't feel quite the same. In fact, you tend to take your weekends piecemeal, whenever they give you a day off. Still, I like the weekend vibe on the streets of Dublin and it's fun to just get out and stroll up and down a bit.

This Saturday, I didn't start working till late so I went and had jolof rice, fish and other goodies at the African diner in Moore Street Mall. With all-you-can-eat for 6.99 I went to town and was actually physically unable to eat for the rest of the day. Which is probably just as well. Next time, I want to try one of the Polish diners down there. It's a great little place, with a fun atmosphere and a shoe shop featuring some of the oddest shoes I've ever seen in my life. Not sure that I'd want to wear them, but it's kind of entertaining thinking about it.

Check out the one-man band. He was performing on Mary Street and to judge by all the coins in his cup, was doing really well. I've had a cool idea for a Dublin event: a face-off between the street performers of Grafton Street and Mary Street! Strange as it seems, there does seem to be a distinctive music and performance style in the two areas. 

Fall is definitely here now and it is getting colder; almost time to take out the gloves, and definitely time to put on a scarf before heading out. It's just under two weeks to Hallow'een, and I'm absolutely looking forward to that. Now that I know how to cook, I'm thinking I'll make my own Barm Brack. I like a cake that you can eat and get a fortune from. I guess it's the Irish equivalent of a fortune cookie! But much tastier, of course.

I'm going out with a man tomorrow! Just a guy from the restaurant next to mine and no big expectations, but it might be fun. He's got vouchers to spend at La Cuvee, which looks pretty swanky!