So I told Mom that Saoirse had invited me to dinner with her first-cousin-once-removed, the famouse Irish rock star and she said, bless her heart, "I'll send over a comfort package for you to bring."

My mom believes that everyone's life is improved by her cooking. She's not necessarily wrong, but is it appropriate to go to dinner in the house of a hugely wealthy rock star with a jar of bottled moose, some partridge berry jam and a bottle of Screech? Would that make me cute, or just a bit of a weirdo? Then again, maybe going to millionaires' houses with carefully packaged home-cooked produce, complete with smiley faces on the label, is just a nice thing to do.

I asked Bepe and he said, enigmatically, "The cooking of a mother is a sacred thing. Of course, my mother is a really good cook." He also said, "I don't really like that sort of music anyway," which is kinda missing the point.

That didn't leave me any wiser, so I just left him to his remote-controlled airplane repairs and got back to agonising. The dinner is next week, so maybe mom's comfort package won't arrive on time, which would make thing a heck of a lot easier.

Meanwhile, I went to the comedy show at the International Club and boy did I laugh. When I went in, I was a bit taken aback because the venue is tiny and quite grotty. It looked like there was room for about twelve people in there, but they had packed in maybe sixty. I'm telling you, these guys are hilarious. Hilarious! I didn't even think I liked stand-up! But I am going to be back for sure. There were three acts, all hilarious, and a compere, also hilarious. I wasn't the only foreigner there--there was even a bunch of Germans who seemed to be following. Well, I'm a convert. I always comedy was stupid but it's now something on my regular beat!

Bepe invited me to the Phoenix Park on Sunday to watch him fly his planes. I'm torn. I want to go, but I don't want to be the sort of person who watches remote planes. It's a problem.

why? where? what? who?

So Saoirse was over last night. I had been shopping in my usual haunts, Moore Street and around there, and had been going to cook up one of my famous stir-fries, but Bepe was there with some of his friends from the restaurant watching football and eating vast mounds of pasta, so we went out.

There's this curious place just near where I live; almost part of the same building. It's grandly called the "Epicurean Food Hall". I'd never gone because it looks kinda grotty from outside but Saoirse suggested going there and it was a lot of fun. There's fish and chips, Mexican tacos, Chinese food etc., and you eat from a greasy formica table amid a throng of people. While that might not sound very sophisticated it was a lot of fun and I'll be back.

While we were there, two things of note happened:
1) Saoirse asked me if I would mind if she asked Bepe out on a date. I was like, "Uh... you don't have to ask me..." although actually I do kind of mind as she is MY new friend and he is MY roommate and I just think it would be sort of weird and awkward;
2) Saoirse also told me that she is the first cousin once removed of a FAMOUS IRISH ROCK STAR whose identity I cannot reveal here and that she has been invited to their house in South Dublin for a meal and do I want to come. I'm like, "Well.. d'oh!" So I am going to be meeting a FAMOUS IRISH ROCK STAR whose identity I cannot reveal here although you can be sure I'll be telling the folks back home all about it.

Saoirse took the wind out of my sails somewhat by pointing out a) there are a lot of rock stars in Ireland, b) they are knocking around town all the time, tripping people up and getting in the way and c) it is not the done thing to notice them here, you have to pretend to be unimpressed whenever you see one or they'll think you are desperately uncool.

But seriously? Famous? Irish? Rock? Star? I will be stealing the tissues they blow their nose on! Seriously.

Also, I have decided to go to the comedy club on Wicklow Street because it's cheap and apparently great. So that's happening tomorrow. I will let you know.

Now I'm just going to sit here and think about famous Irish rock stars and me.