It's raining men!!

Or it was last night, at the London gay men's choir's production of Oklahomo! (sic) I don't remember when I've laughed so much. Hilarious!! I love that venue, too. It's called Smock Alley.

Ooooh! I just googled Smock Alley so that I could post a hyperlink and found out that it's actually an old, 17th century theatre was was dug up and reopened! Amazing. Read all about it. Ha, but I bet the original founders back 16-whenever wouldn't have envisioned last night's show; about 20 gay men acting out Oklahoma! the musical, along with some more modern numbers. Fantastic. I laughed until I cried, literally. Also lost my heart to the DEVASTATINGLY HANDSOME dark-haired man showing everyone to their seats. Is there any chance he's not gay? Any? None? Shucks.

Anyway. I handed in my dissertation today. I thought I would be exhausted/relieved but I just feel a bit confused. No doubt I'll still be asked for some revisions and changes, but most of the work has been done. Saoirse, my best Irish galpal took me out for lunch to celebrate. It's a bit premature, but as she insisted....

We went to a place called "Green Nineteen" on Camden Street, about a 15 minute walk from college. I had homemade gingerbeer! Now that's pretty fancy. Nice place. When I have a little cash to spend, I'm gonna go back and treat myself to a cocktail!

Tonight though, I'm going to bed. This whole handing-in-the-dissertation business has me worn out and I'm watching a couple of kids tomorrow so I'll need my wits about me.


Gotta stop hankering after the unattainable, girlfriend!


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