Lidl Rocks

Lidl is fantastic! Even better than Costco, which is the version we've got back home.

I'm getting pretty psyched about my upcoming solo camping trip. I was prevaricating between Meath and Wicklow and for now I'm going to Wicklow. I bought a tent in Lidl for less than you've probably paid for pizza. I'm glad I brought my hiking boots. I've found a campground to stay in.
I've bought a detailed map. It's from the Ordance Survey and I'm pretty excited about it as it's so fricking detailed. I didn't know there was so much archaeology in Wicklow!!

Bepe says, "You'll last a night camping on your own." But I am actually looking forward to some me-time, in the country. I have packed a bunch of books to read and anyway it'll probably be reasonably easy to hook up with people in the campground if I too get lonely. I can't wait!! I like being in the city but sometimes the best thing about the city is leaving it for a a few days.

So you'll hear from me when I'm back. I expect to be totally relaxed and a couple of kilos lighter :-p


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