Happy Labour Day

So the last time I wrote I was really pissed with Bepe. Turns out HE was really pissed with me, because he had seen me coming in with Morticia and Wednesday and thought I had seen him and was ignoring when in fact I hadn't seen him and thought he was ignoring me when I did see him. So it was all a misunderstanding. But he and his buddies were still leering at girls and my feminist sensibilities were definitely drunkenly offended. But possibly that's not fair as I did see a very cute guy the very next evening and did some leering of my own.

I did have a little laugh to myself on Wednesday when Fabia was over to visit loverboy, thinking how she is so besotted with herself she probably hasn't a clue that he eyes up all the other girls when she is not around. So there.

Anyway. Work has been going well and I have been making excited plans to go to something in the upcoming Gay Theatre Festival!!!! I can only afford to go to one thing so I am working really hard to choose. There seem to be two categories--musicals and misery. I naturally lean towards doom and gloom, so I am thinking maybe a musical this time to shake me out of my rut.

Did you know that homosexuality was only decriminalised in Ireland in 1993? Jiminy cricket! That is well within my lifetime! For a country that produced one of the world's most famous gay men, that is pretty weird.

Because I'm writing my dissertation on Goth Lit I'm thinking I'll go see the Picture of Dorian Gray by the great man himself.

But I don't want to go on my own so I'm looking for a companion. I've asked the girls and they were definitely not interested so as I don't know many people yet I'm thinking maybe Bepe...I'll even put up with Fabia if she wants to come. I just feel a bit shy about going to the theatre by myself.

The weekend starts tomorrow and I do hope the weather will be nice because I'm up for my trek to the Hell Fire Club! Can't wait!


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