Almost Famous

Well, I'd been kind of neglecting my blog and someone finally posted a comment on it. (See previous entry). I don't really know what she wants but hopefully she'll write back and we can meet.

Of course, I have a good reason for being so neglectful. The barbarian hoards are arriving in just eight days home -- the barbarians being my sister (30-something, hassled housewife, educated beyond her station, simmering with mild resentful and ripe for an an affair), her husband (sports-mad, intellectually challenged dentist, blissfully unaware of wife's resentment), their kids (nice enough kids, as they go) and her mother-in-law (quite sweet but she's never been off the island; likely to go berserk in the big city).

As they are all hicks and I am the only one used to cruising the ups and downs of city life, it has been up to me to organise every single damn thing. I'll explain tomorrow. Fortunately, this place is too small for them to stay in. There isn't even room on the sofa as Bepe's bit of fluff is staying over and while she is NOT staying on the sofa (obviously, and clearly, to judge from the noises that emanate from his room) her HAND BAG is occupying most of it as it is big and expensive and, she explained, far too fancy and delicate to be placed on the floor.

What he sees in her is beyond.

Oh and I broke up with French Boy. I'll explain everything tomorrow.


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