So the folks have gone down to the countryside to trace their ancestors for a few days, leaving me to think things over and attend the World Street Theatre Festival in Merrion Square, which looks like a load of fun, always assuming that it doesn't rain too much. I'll be going with my new galpal Saoirse, who says that she went last year and that it was great. I just hope I don't get dragged into any of the acts, because that's really not my kind of thing.
I'm feeling a little guilty and emotional because, as I've said before several times, I never liked my brother in law a whole lot. But when they were leaving to head down to Wexford, he gave me a big hug and said, "Thanks so much for organising things, it was great. I really appreciate it. You've been so thoughtful."
First off, that's the most I've ever heard him say to me. Then, I thought, "Well, he's always been kinda mean. Maybe he's just thanking you because of the free tickets you got from that lady in Dublin Tourism."
But then I thought, what the hey, maybe he means it. Maybe he's a stupid jock with a good heart who actually does his best. Maybe, I'm the mean one in this situation. After all, he may have got the sister knocked up and all but he does take care of his family and he did fly them all over here because it was where SHE wanted to go to see ME. So I'm left feeling a bit small and mean.
They'll be back Wednesday so I am going to make a really big effort to show them a good time and Bepe says that he will take the boys down to this place he knows to do some skateboarding.
That's another thing. Bepe likes him. He says I'm not being fair. And while Bepe is hardly the most articulate person I've ever met (plus he's speaking his second language) he's more insightful than he first appears. That's what makes it all the more surprising that he's still with Fabia. Silly cow is staying in ours tonight, and the usual mass washing of teeny undies has ensued, leaving me feeling like a big fatass. But I think there's trouble in paradise; I heard them bickering in the kitchen although I didn't understand a word, obviously.
But today is Saturday and I am going out. First to Merrion Square and the street performance, where I'll also eat, and then to a show at the Project Theatre in Temple Bar, also with Saoirse. Tomorrow, I'm gonna sit down in front of my computer and plan some really fun things for my sister and her family to do to make up for my meanness and also because I'll be spending so much money today that I won't be able to pay to do anything else!


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