Camping not a washout despite rain!


I got back from a week of camping and hiking last night. I'm tired. I'm scratched. I'm three kilos lighter (yippee!) and most of all I am really glad I went. The weather was.... well, it was. It rained quite a bit. But it wasn't cold. Although I had been planning to spend the week in Lofty Solitude between books and hiking I kind of ended up hanging out with a gang of crazy Australians and had the best time. I liked the camping site which managed to make me feel that I was really in the wilds while also offering showers and stuff so it didn't all get too smelly.

As I had gone down with out a car, of course, not having either an international license or the funds to either buy or rent a car, it was just as well I met some people to hang with. The Ozzies ("Randy", "Chaz", and Peter) were fun and equally important had a car. I think we must have done about half the Wicklow Way and visted about half of the pubs in Wicklow, too!

One of the great things about hiking is that afterwards you can eat as much as you want. Continuing my love affair with Lidl, me and the Ozzie actually bought a cheap, but real "Barbie" and barbecued basically everything we could find. That's to say, I did it. They might have been Australians, but they were godawful cooks. So I did the cooking, which was fine, as they drove me everywhere.

I doubt I'll ever see Randy or Chaz or Peter again, although we're friends on Facebook. But it doesn't really matter. I'm so happy I spent a week in Wicklow, which is totally f*****g gorgeous!

I've hardly seen Bepe since I came back and I'm not looking forward to having The Conversation about his plan to have his whole freakin' family staying in our teeny apartment. Groan.


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