What have I done??

So Bepe invited me yesterday to Phoenix Park to fly planes and he gave me a present. You're not going to believe this but he got me my own little remote control plane to fly. There's something I never expected to have! It was kind of a shitty day-weatherwise, but we had fun anyway and guess what, having a good time is more fun than being cool.

Speaking of outdoors pursuits, i have discovered something that is radically marvellous. Astronomy.

Check it out.

Obviously I am not about to become a professional astronomer as I have an MA in Gothic Literature to consider,but these lovely people organise totally free events around Dublin and elsewhere and you can go and look through their telescopes for free and they'll tell you all about it. How cool is that? I have decided that this is my new hobby! They have a whole series of lectures in Tara, the seat of the ancient high kings and just about an hour away from Dublin so if I can find someone with a car, I'm ready! Maybe if I email the organisers they could give me some tips, or is that pushy?

So on the way home, I was overcome with emotion about the whole plane thing so I leaned over to kiss Bepe on the cheek, friendly-like, and he moved his head at the wrong moment and I ended up planting one on his MOUTH. I'm totally embarrassed. I tried to laugh it off but he was all like, "Grazie," and stuff so I'm going out with Saoirse tonight to avoid him. We're just going for a drink at Pravda and I don't have lot of money so either she's buying or I'll be nursing a pint all night. I'm loving Pravda though and as its just outside my house I can't believe I didn't discover it though. Fantastic sofas. Great.

Tonight Saoirse will let me know when the dinner is on with her famous Irish Rock Star Cousin!


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