Dun Laoighire Festival of World Cultures

About what happened a few days ago? I have decided to ignore it. The alternative is moving out and I don't want to do that.

So I am totally psyched about the Dun Laoighire Festival of World Cultures. I am counting down to it! I have been examining the website minutely and, so far as I can make out, most of it seems to be FREE. Free, in today's era of Doom and Despair? There's gotta be a catch. It just seems like such a fantastic idea to basically have the WORLD represented in one weekend. And I guess it's the last big bash before the kids all head back to school. It is also so totally cool that they have Irish traditional music in there too.

I don't think that they've ever had a Newfoundland band but if not, WHY not; it's about time. Anyway, I can't freakin wait. More good news: the Ozzies I hooked up with hiking in Wicklow emailed me and they are meeting me for cheap Persian food followed by a drink in Whelans tonight so that will be fun! I honestly never thought I would see those crazy guys again.

And in the final piece of news for today, after several weeks of not doing that much, study-wise, I took myself into the National Library today to look some stuff up and there was "George," the beautiful librarian, sporting a new tattoo!!! I didn't think he was the type. I've got to invite that guy out tho' I think he's got the wrong impression of me since he saw me leaving The Dragon with a cute lesbian chick... So I'd better just screw up my courage and do it.


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