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Shopping in Dublin

Today's the last time I'm going to do any work until after Christmas. I've been busy and I think I deserve some time off. Plus, this is my first time being the host to my parents in my place and I want to do it properly.

Today I'm taking my parents down to see St Patricks and the Marsh Library. They will be blown away to see books that are older than just about any building in North America.

St Patrick's

My mom is going to want to go to Mass. She's not that religious but it comes to the fore around this time of year and I think she'd like somewhere with music. As I have not been to Mass since I got here I went to consult my greengrocer (the oracle) and he advised me to take her to the "moving crib". Do I have to go to Mass too, or can I bring her to the church and then admire the crib outside for half an hour? That's the question!

This weekend I was thinking we'd maybe go have some coastal walks near Sandymount or Dun Laoighaire, followed by a nice hot whiskey!

I still have to deal with the vexing question of whether or not to introduce my Boyfriend to them, despite the fact that he's not "ready" for me to meet his family. I'd like to but... also, Mom and Dad are going to be here until the New Year! I can't not see him all that time. We're meeting for lunch in an hour or so so perhaps I'll suggest he meet up with us at the weekend "just as a friend". Also, I've got to spend some time with him on my own. Really. I do - there's no question about it! So I'm thinking, got to get them some tickets to a few shows so that we can grab some time together for at least a few evenings over the Christmas period.


The moving crib - no one does bizarre Christmas traditions like the Dubs!


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