men in tights

I got an email from Dublin Tourism today to let me know that a new theatre is opening in March, and asking me if I would like tickets to see Swan Lake. Now, I know that I'm in a super-privileged position, because I get about 6 free tickets to stuff every month -- things I mostly couldn't possible afford to go to, but I'm a bit, oh, I don't know...

Now, I like good looking men in tight clothes as much as the next gal...but ballet? I've never been a fan. Then again, this is a huge deal, the Bolshoi, which even I have heard of. I think I just don't understand ballet. The women are so tiny and the men look so ridiculous and, dammit, it looks like it must HURT.

On the third hand, I would love to see the theatre, which is all shiny and brand-new and not even open yet and in an area that I like a lot, because also quite shiny and brand-new and a contrast to the rest of Dublin, which is either old or old-and-new.

Anyway, with problems like these, I don't have a lot to complain about ;-)

Today I managed to pick up some chestnuts for roasting, which I've heard of but never actually had before, and I'll be meeting my Boyfriend and then looking for a suitable place to roast 'em. I don't think my centrally-heated apartment is the right spot, so I'm hoping that one of those old-style pubs with big open fires will look kindly on a would-be chestnut roaster. I've no idea what they'll taste like, but I like the idea of tucking in while outside it's clear and bright and frosty.


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