Cloudy skies are back! And just before the weekend, too! However, I'm choosing to see this as a good thing; I've got loads of work to do in the final stretch of my masters degree plus, even if the sun doesn't decide to break through this weekend, there's actually a lot going on. Anyway, it's been so nice and sunny lately, there's really nothing to complain about.

Now that summer's coming, I'm hoping to spend a little more time in the Wicklow Mountains and maybe the Mournes. It's so beautiful there. But this weekend I'm staying right in the city. I went on camping trip last summer, and it was fantastic!

This weekend, though, I'm staying right here. There are posters up all over the city centre advertising a festival in "SoGo" -- the South Great George's Street area. That's one of the main areas where I go out anyway, so I think it'll be fun moseying about over there. Also, and I feel a little shy mentioning this, I've started writing some poetry. Although literature is my subject, I'd never been a big poetry person. Maybe it's being here that's got me started, but I've written a few things. I bet they're actually awful, but there's a pub in Wicklow Street that has a poetry evening on Mondays and I was going to try and get some courage together and check it out.

So far as picking up work, any work, to keep me here a bit longer when I've finished my MA goes, I've got some inside information re. my flatmate Bepe's restaurant. There's going to be an opening for an assistant chef in a couple of months as one of the boys is going back to Italy. When Bepe told me that, my reaction was "But I can't cook." It's true; all I really know how to make is soup. So he's teaching me all the basics of Italian cooking one recipe at a time!! Last night we did carbonara, and I burned it, so fingers crossed that tonight's puttanesca works out better. Even if I don't get the job, at least I'll have learned a few recipes.


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