I'm actually positively looking forward to my Saturday job this week. For one thing, it will be great to get away from endlessly editing my dissertation and to get my head out of a book. For another, rather than just watching the kids, I'm going to be taking them to not one but two puppet shows in the national Irish puppet festival!

Dublin actually has its own dedicated puppet theatre but this festival is on all over the place and the venues I'm attending are in the city centre.

Speaking of the city centre, last night I went for a drink in a new place I had never heard of. And it's not surprising because this is a bar with no name, no sign and no light outside. There's just an enigmatic snail hanging up. Apparently, this joint is known as "the bar with no name". So you go up some rather grubby stairs, wondering vaguely if you're going to end up in someone's apartment or maybe an opium den or something and then, presto! You're in a New York-ish loft sort of a place with scuffed sofas and handsome waiters serving chilled drinks and it's like, "What the..."

I've told several people about this place, and they've all said, "What you'd never been there before! I don't beliiieeeve it."

Apparently, it opened last year and is now officially one of the coolest places in town. I guess I didn't hear about it because I'm just not cool enough.

Anyway, I'm not going out tonight; staying in with my flatmate, a DVD and a bottle of wine. He's chosen the DVD and I've gotta say it's an odd choice for a boy; Bride Wars.


I was at the bar with no name just before Christmas last year and loved it, really nice place!


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