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...great Irish literary giants, the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival is on in early next month. I actually attended some events in this festival last year and, I have to say, it's gay in both senses of the word. It's really a fantastic event, and while there's obviously an underlying theme it's definitely not "for gays only."

Oscar Wilde, Ireland's most famous gay man of all times, seems to be the unofficial sort of patron of the event. If you're planning a trip to Dublin soon, I'd definitely recommend it. Check out their website here.

As a hot-blooded heterosexual gal, I love this festival, but it's also bittersweet because Dublin fills up with loads of really nice-looking men who have absolutely no interest in me!!!


In Ireland Wilde is a major national figure. I wonder if it's unusual for a Catholic country to venerate the memory of a Gay Protestant author?

Anyway, he was great, and there is a fantastic statue of him in Merrion Square opposite the house where he used to live. You should check it out. His expression is different depending on which side of the statue you stand on. Very clever.


I know that statue but hadn't noticed about the expression being different depending on the side! I'll go and check it out today!


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