OMG!! The Colleen Bawn!

The Project Theatre, one of my favourites, is actually putting on a play called the Colleen Bawn soon.

The reason for all my excitement is that I went and Googled it (I love the Project and often try to go to their shows) and found out that the story is a true story based on the tragic death of a young girl in the early 19th century.

The funny thing is that this is a story that my grandmother used to tell me and, according to her, we are actually relatives of the original Colleen Bawn!!! It's a very sad story about a very young girl from a humble family who married a member of the aristocracy who later got bored of her and had her killed :-(

Thanks to Google, I know now that it is also a play that was first performed in New York in 1860.

This is so weird. You might think that a murder story would be too gruesome to tell children, but my grandmother actually used to tell me that story all the time when I was a kid. I'm not sure exactly what the relationship was supposed to be, but apparently, one of our ancestors was originally from County Clare. He married someone from Wexford and moved there and then they both emigrated to Newfoundland.

Well, I will definitely be going to the Project to see that one!

In other news, I've been told that I'm in for some free tickets to see as yet unspecified shows in the Carlsberg Comedy Festival. I just hope that I will actually have enough time to go, as a couple of the people in the restaurant where I work are off on holiday and I've picked up some extra hours. This is great, because I really need the money, but it does mean there won't be a lot of time for me to go out. Still, not complaining - not at all!

Although I'm on my feet all the time at work, I've gained weight (restaurant work -- one of the perks is that they feed us in the evening, and I'm too fond of pizza for my own good). So I've made a resolution to use a Dublin Bike every day, rain or shine, to get a bit more exercise. It's just not right to get heavier in the summer!


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