round and round we go

Just the other day I noticed an unfamiliar sight on the riverside; a giant ferris wheel. After excitedly exclaiming about it to a few people, I found out that everyone but me already knew about it. It's Dublin's latest thing, a giant Ferris wheel that, well, goes round and road on Dublin's docklands. Apparently, the deal is that you get huge views across the city to the mountains and the sea and so forth!

It's down near the Point market, so I might check it out one of these days. Although I am kind of scared of heights. I've never been on a Ferris wheel before. Seriously. I get vertigo if I stand on a kitchen chair, so it's not exactly my sort of thing. But hey, I'm prepared to take a chance once in a while, and apparently it's as smooth as an elevator.

Anyway, I'm starting to plan for my friend Vicki's visit. She's coming in October so she'll miss the Fringe Festival but she'll make it in time for the Theatre Festival. I just hope she doesn't mind knocking around on her own a bit, because I'm going to be working, obviously, and I mostly work in the evening, because that's when the restaurant is at its busiest. I haven't told my flatmate yet that we'll be having a visitor and, honestly, although we work together (well, technically, he's one of my bosses), we don't actually communicate that much these days because we're working so hard. It's a question of getting home and falling into bed, exhausted. Bepe's due some time off soon and I'm hoping it'll coincide with Vicki's visit so that there'll be room in the apartment for her. Otherwise, it'll be the sofa!!

Well, here's hoping for a good weekend. I'd so love to have a barbecue!


Hey! So far so good! Dublin is soooo busy, such a cool atmosphere :) I visited a bunch of places outside of Dublin and for these last few days I'm staying in the city - gonna see if I can get it on this vibrant music scene I'm hearing about ;) I had the best hazelnut hot chocolate in the loft this week! little things! Have a great weekend


Thanks! I'll check out The Loft. Hazelnut hot chocolate sounds smokin'!


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