Free cinema!

I've loved the IFI since I arrived in Dublin, although lately I haven't been getting there as often as I'd like. It's not just an arty cinema, it's also a film archive. Every month they are doing free showings of old films from the archive at lunch time.

What a great idea! Of course, this is one of those things I think I'll get and then don't, because life and work get in the way. But I'm definitely going to go tomorrow. In fact, I'm going to try to work it into my weekly schedule somehow because it just seems like such a great idea. And of couse it's free, which makes it even better. So, hooray for the IFI. This month it's an American film about Ireland, made in 1961. I'm hoping there will be lots of street scenes as I'd like to see what Dublin looked like in 1961. I actually asked my greengrocer (born in 1955) what Dublin was like when he was a kid and he said, "Smellier, because in those days most people only had a bath once a week".

Anyway, I'm glad that people have showers nowadays!

And while I'm on the subject of showers, I noticed some long, red hairs in MY shower this morning. Now, as I'm blonde and my flatmate Bepe's got black hair, I think there must be a new girl on the scene. And he has such horrible taste in girlfriends, too!! I was out at the Cobblestone bar last night after work and didn't get in until late so I didn't see anyone. But the thought is annoying as this flat's just too small to have three people in it on a regular basis. The Cobblestone is great, by the way. It's a real "old man" pub, as in a genuine sort of place with great music. When you go in, you feel as though you're not just stepping into a pub, but into the countryside. I was surprised to see that they have such a nifty website, as a matter of fact. Anyway, highly recommended!


lady, you need to just say it out loud... "Bepe, I LIKE you"!!!!


LOL!! I thought the same thing!

dear Newfoundlander,

I had this sudden crave to move to Ireland for 2 months or so, just in the look for a much needed extroardinary change in my life. Anyways I wasn't sure about how much of a good idea this was until I start reading your blog, and more and more I find myself eager to go to Dublin and experience it!.
I read your blog from day one until this last post in only 3 days (yes i got hooked!) and I loved it. More so because it sounds like a love stoy about to happen!
when you mentioned that your uncle came out of the closet and that you "might have a revelation of your own as well" I was hoping you'd finally say 'you like Bepe'!...
yup just like anonymous up there I definetly sense some feelings here, but I don't think is just from you...I think he likes you too!

and this ALL I got from reading your blog, so my suggestion is go for it! it'll be good I promise ;)

Good luck with everything (regardless on whether bepe is a no go) you deserve the best!



What? No, no, we're just good friends, really. He's more like a brother or a cousin or something. I think that's why I'm so possessive. He really got hurt by the girl he was seeing when I moved in. Cin, I hope you do move over for a few months -- I'm sure you'd enjoy the experience :-)


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