Oh, the weather outside ....

It's been snowing! It's a bright sunny day in Dublin today and it snowed over the weekend, so the parks are looking very pretty and even the streets have that bright wintry look. Kids all over the city rushed into every park to make snowmen, so wherever you go you're overseen by chubby guys with sticks for noses and eyes made of whatever could be found at the time -- bottle caps, etc.

This weekend I braved the weather and made it town to the Kildare Village Shopping outlet. Well, there's certainly plenty of shopping down there :-) I picked up some Xmas presents and quite enjoyed the bus ride down, which took just under an hour. In the winter, it can be too easy to stay in the city and it's good to be reminded that there's a great big green countryside just down the road (well, a lot of it is white right now, but you get the idea). County Kildare is famous for its horses and racing, and you can totally see it when you drive through the landscape. There are stud farms all over the place.

I went to see my favourite Dublin band, Jimmy Cake playing in Whelan's and brought along Bepe. We're so loved up right now. Anyway, funny thing is that I was actually introduced to this band by an ex-boyfriend who turned out to be really bad news. And he was there. So we met. Honestly, I don't know what I ever saw in that guy. He's married now, but he said, "It's not going well -- we're just not having fun any more."

What a total loser.

There's a fantastic festival coming up in Dundrum, the One Act Festival. Check it out! I'm going to try to reorganise my schedule at work so's to go see as much as possible!


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