The barbarians are coming...

My Dear Sister just confirmed her arrival here on June 14th, complete with three kids, one husband (I didn’t bargain on HIM coming) and her mother-in-law.

Holy Shit.

I told Bepe. He looked a bit alarmed.
“Ahem,” he said. “Will they all be staying here?”
I thought about stringing him along for a while, but I just burst out laughing. He was really trying to be polite. I don’t think my “beloved” brother-in-law would think much of kipping on the floor of our tiny apartment. So because they don’t seem to be able to organise themselves out of a paper bag, it’s up to me to find hotels and entertainments for three kids, one hassled Mom, one pain-in-the-ass brother-in-law and one grandma who has never left the province before.

Ugh. I’ll think about it later.


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