Birthday Blues

It’s my birthday.

Call me a sap but I’m a bit depressed. I thought SOMEONE would have sent me a card. Sure, I got one from my Mom, but that hardly counts. All over the world, birthday girls are being given bunches of flowers.

And none for me. Sniff.

My roomie Bepe (not his real name) is going out with his girlfriend. Fortunately they are out of town for the rest of the weekend, so I won’t have to see the lurve.

Not to be defeated, I rounded up a bunch of girlfriends from college. This afternoon, we’re going to vampire land AKA the Bram Stoker museum (I'm sure it's silly and not at all cool, but we're going with a spirit of IRONY which totally makes it OK). Tonight we’re going to stay at my place, order in some sushi we can’t really afford, drink some beer and I will just be too damn cool to care that nobody but Mom remembered my birthday.


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