Dublin -- Land of the Free?

When I found out I’d been accepted to do an MA at TCD, one of the things I promised myself was that I would start a blog, and straight away. Well, I didn’t. But a couple of months in, I’ve finally gotten around to it.
First off, let me introduce myself. I’m a Canadian, or more specifically, a Newfoundlander. Because I’m from a small island where everyone knows everyone else, I won’t give my exact home coordinates (just in case I get indiscreet here later on).
Suffice to say that if you’re from somewhere as quiet and sparsely populated and (ok I’m going to say it) BORING as I do, Dublin really seems like a big, huge city that it sometimes scary and sometimes a little overwhelming and, sure, a bit grubby around the edges sometimes, but always exciting and fun and…well, I just wish I had some more Euros to throw around because there’s always something that I want to do. I guess that’s the perennial student’s lament.
I’ve been having a blast. Possibly not always working as hard as I should, but I do my best.
Anyway, what finally persuaded me to start this blog thing was that I’ve got a new place (or gaff, as I’ve learned to call it.) It’s small and simple, but it’s cute, and it’s right downtown on the quay. I’ve got a new roomie, too. I didn’t want to share with another student, so I answered a notice in the Evening Herald on my first night in town. He’s Italian, from somewhere south of Rome (“where they make the best mozzarella”) and while he doesn’t seem to be the brightest, he’s nice enough and he’s tidier than me, so he’ll do for now. He has a girlfriend who is au pairing somewhere posh like Castleknock, but I haven’t met her yet. I probably won’t see him a lot anyhow, as he works evenings and nights.
Other facts worth mentioning:
My new local is the Oldest Pub in Dublin!!!! That makes it older than every single building in North America with the exception of our single, solitary Viking house back home in Newfoundland.
My sister is planning to come over for June with her three kids who are, like, great and all, but WTF am I supposed to do with three kids cramping my style for one whole week?


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