Bepe's family are here

Well, they arrived. One Mamma, one Dad and two sexily-dressed teenage girls. Bepe's family. Oh, I don't mean to sound mean but I am cramped into my miniscule room now while Mamma cooks pasta and Dad watches football on TV and the two girls are in the even small bathroom tarting themselves up. They did bring me a bottle of what Bepe assures me is great homemade wine, so I can see that they are making an effort.

They are not impressed by the weather. But! Dublin Tourism gave me a few free tickets on Dublin bus tours so I have handed them out and am hoping that that will keep them out of the house for most of the day tomorrow. None of them speak very good English (the girls a little bit but nothing to write home about) and so...well, there's stll loads to do. I've been making suggestions, through Bepe, but my impression is that he just wants Mamma to stay in the flat cooking, which seems kinda mean.

So...what? Well, I always send people to Phoenix Park because I'm still kinda blown away by all the deer living in the heart of the city. Eating out they will do in the restaurant where Bepe works just down the road and my money is on sending them on one of those tours to Newgrange. I'm pretty sure they even have Italian guides. I'll check. Under the guise of being helpful and nice, the idea is to keep them so entertained they will out of the flat most of the time.

So wish me luck! :)


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