So it was Bepe's parents' wedding anniversary last night. He had been wondering what to get them and I had the BEST idea!

I can't believe I didn't want them to come before. It's true that it's very squished in the apartment and that the bathroom is littered with his sisters' toiletries, but I like them so much I hardly notice that we can't speak to each other.

Anyway, I said: "How about Riverdance?"

I know what you're thinking. It's cheesy. It's not cool. It's so totally not gothic. Well, all of that is true. But sometimes you've got to just forget about being cool and go to something because it's fun.

(Confession: I have seen Riverdance once, on my only ever trip to New York and I totally loved it.)

Also, I think that Irish people maybe knock that sort of thing because of good old-fashioned begrudgery. 'Scuse me, folks, but you really do have a tendency to enjoy taking down a peg or two anything that is Irish and also successful and popular. It's totally not your best trait. I know what I'm talking about because we Newfoundlanders inherited it, OK? But seriously, what's so bad about being fun and enjoyed by lots of people? Anyone?

Anyway, the point is that not only did they GO but they absolutely LOVED it and they came back all romantic and starry-eyed and looking ten years younger and I was really proud for having suggested it and Bepe said thanks, because I'd given them a memory that they would have for the rest of their lives!!

Right, that's my piece for today. Now I'm going out with Saoirse for my latest craze: Cheap Korean Barbecue. I'm hoping they let you Bring Your Own Bottle cause I can't afford wine.


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