Curious George

I think I've got it. George is married. I'm not saying, of course, that NOBODY can resist my charms. But surely, otherwise, he would at least say whether or not he had received my note? So that's my assumption.

But it's too freakin' bad, coz I really like to study in the National Library. Makes me feel like a real scholar, or one of those kids in the library at Hogwarts. All those dark shelves and fancy books. OK, so the Marsh Library is better but I don't think that regular students can just go there and study.

All of which reminds me -- did you know that the great library in Trinity was used as a template for the library in one of the Star Wars films? Well it was! How cool is that?

I'm in the countdown to the start of classes starting. While it has been great having these months to get started on the reading and get to know Dublin a bit I am actually really looking forward to getting to meet some more students and the people who will be teaching me. It's been a bit of a ghost town in TCD over the summer and I am good to go. I'm also watching the weather forecast anxiously as the Festival of World Cultures is on this weekend and while I'll go whatever the weather, I'm hoping for sun! This pale Newfoundland skin hasn't seen much of that for a while. Then, on September 5th, the Fringe Festival starts. I've forgiven Dublin Tourism for not coming up with free tix to the Electric Picnic and have my hopes set on a ticket or two for the Fringe Fest. Either way, I should make a few shows, as most of 'em are around 10 Euros which is affordable enough.

All for now folks. I'm feeling better about the whole George business. So we'll see.


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