Fringe Festival

Wow! Dublin's Fringe Festival starts this weekend. I totally remember why I wanted to live in a big city now; it looks so awesome and amazing. Most of the shows are within my budget so long as I limit myself to one a day and don't spend to much on necessities like beer, and most are in the city centre. I can't wait! It's on for two full weeks and suddenly I don't care about the incessant rain and the gathering autumnal gloom. Wow! I so wish that someone was visiting me now so that I could take them out to all the shows. I have a friend back home who would go crazy for this stuff. I miss that crazy guy.

Speaking of crazy, don't tell anyone but I am considering getting a tattoo. I asked Bepe what he thought, and he said, "You're out of your mind but still..."

What I thought would be cute, considering that I'm doin a thesis on Gothic literature and I'm in the native city of Bram Stoker and all, would be a little vampire bat, just on my inner wrist. Not too coy, but not too obvious either. What do you think? I had this idea of sticking teeny rhinestones on for the eyes for when I'm going out.

Cute, huh? Well, I am actively looking into it!


Hiya towniegirl, love the blog by the way! Went to the Festival of World Cultures myself - was a super event despite the weather. Just wanted to let you know that you can buy theatre tickets through the Box Office system at the Dublin Tourism centres on O'Connell St., Suffolk St., Dun Laoghaire and Dublin Airport. Just saves you heading to all the different venues across town. Enjoy the Fringe Festival - really looking forward to it myself - its a great line up this year.


Thanks Kiela. I have a bunch of freebies so I think I don't need to buy too many tix. I'm totally looking forward to this show that promises an onion striptease! Sounds wild. I might take my roommate, who peels onions for a living -- he's a chef!


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