142 days to Christmas..

... or whatever it is.

My folks just Skyped me to let me know that they are planning to come here for the festive season, coz I had mentioned that I'd been looking for cheap tickets home.

I don't know what I think of that. I've been here for what, four, five months now and while I'm having a fantastic time I'd been looking forward to seeing my peeps and just hanging out with them for a while. But Bepe did say that he would be in Italy at Christmas so at least we'd have the whole apartment to ourselves...

Well, I don't know. But I guess there's plenty of time to worry about it, huh? It's only September. Meanwhile, I am going OUT. Just gotta grab a bite and then it's free-tickets-to-the-show!


Hey Towniegirl - Just found out about your blog Sept 8-09 in an e-mail from Visit Dublin. I am a fellow Canadian from the wilds of Ontario.

I hope your festive problem is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

I forwarded your blog link to my daughter - your twenty something audience. I hope you don't mind me following your adventures for awhile. Your exploits really make me laugh - in a nice way of course.

We have been to Ireland a couple of times and totally love Dublin. Can't get enough of the city!


Hi Joanne,

I'm totally psyched that you are following my blog. If you've been to Dublin, you've probably walked right by my apartment building, which almost overlooks the Ha'penny Bridge. It's great being so central. How's the weather back home -- if a Newfoundlander can call Ontario "home"?


Hi towniegirl,

You do live in a great location. I know the area (as well as any tourist can). Been over the Ha'penny Bridge many a time.

It has been a cool and very wet summer in southwestern Ontario. We usually have hot (around 30 to 34 degrees) days. This year the temperature hovered in the mid 20's. Sorry I have not followed Newfoundland's weather.

I do intend to visit your home province in the near future - I hear "The Rock" is a great place to spend a vacation.

You really need to take a few days and see the West Coast of Ireland - Don't worry I still love Dublin! Much of the West coast will remind you of Newfoundland. The cliffs of Moher are incredible!

Keep up the incredible blogging please. I love hearing about what's going on over there.


If you like Ireland, I'm pretty sure you'd love Newfoundland, it's a very special place! Hope your daughter enjoyed my blog...! Tell her to bookmark me, please! Dublin Tourism gives me free tickets in exchange for featuring my blog and the more readers the better :-)


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