I am taking my responsibilities seriously.

So among the freebies I got from Dublin Tourism are tickets to the Hurley final.

I have to say, my initial reaction was not one of huge excitement as I am not really a sports person. However, I have since found out that this is a pretty big deal and that people would KILL (in the words of my friendly local greengrocer, who I'm getting to know quite well) to get their hands on some tickets.

Of course, I did what anyone would do and tried to find out how much the tickets are worth on the black market. The answer? A heck of a lot. But that would be unethical and wrong, right? So I'm gonna take Bepe instead.

So the final is on tomorrow! Kilkenny versus Tipperary. As I promised Dublin Tourism that I would write about this I have been doing some background reading and I am getting gradually more enthusiastic. I had thought (wrongly, as we shall see) that hurling was a half-hearted sort of hockey, but without ice and with slightly prettier players. Well, I already know that I was wrong. In fact, the coolest thing that I have learned so far is that it is actually the game played by the great mythical hero Cuchulainn which in turn means that the game was invented in the IRON AGE if not before.

Now you've got to admit that that is impressive!

I have also found out that girls play too, but that for some unknown reason, it's called "camogie" when they do it.

So now that I know that I am in possession of some hugely enviable tickets and that it's actually a bona-fide Iron Age Sport of the Barbarians, I am getting quite psyched. For no particular reason, I have decided to support Tipperary (coz of the song) while Bepe is going to be a Kilkenny fan (because he likes the beer)

What am I doing this afternoon? I am going to buy a t-shirt in my colours, of course!


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