the big match

The big match is on today and although I am not usually one to roar and holler I am now officially interested. I'm dressed up and ready to go and so is Bepe. We're both off to worship at the Holy Grail that is the 2009 Hurling Final!

Telling you though, you can feel the excitement. There's folks all over the place from the countryside, wandering about eating junk food and sporting their colours and just looking so thrilled.

I'll go back to being a Goth tomorrow. Today I'm definitely a jock. And I'm going to be taking plenty of photos to show the folks back home!


I was at that match! What a game! Talk about a nail-biting finish! Kilkenny and Tipp were neck-in-neck all the way through, then at the last few minutes Kilkenny got 2 goals.

Champs 4 years in a row! Is there no-one who can beat these men?


Buddy in the greengrocer's I frequent told me Tipperary men are much sought after for husbands "because of the hurlers they breed." Tellin' ya, I had to get him to repeat himself a couple of times coz I didn't quite believe what he had said first time round.


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