hot under the collar

I am so turned on right now!

Turned on to HURLING I mean. And yes, quite impressed by the players too. "My" team lost though of course they played best. Honestly, I didn't think it would be my thing and while I'm sure that all the males in my family will continue to insist that hockey is a real man's game, hurling is right there in the wings.
And the players. Well, while few of them would make it as male models, there's something seriously sexy about the way they jump up in the air after that ball. Swear to God, sparks actually fly when their sticks smash against each other. By the end of the match, I was pretty much ready to be swept off my feet by any one of them!!!
Of course, after the match we had to go for the obligatory drink in some "local colour" joint near Croke Park -- pretty rough 'n' ready but the crowd was huge and good-humoured and the beer flowed like water. We just had a couple of beers and then wound our way home.
I might check out Camogie. I might.
But right now, I have a more pressing issue. I've almost certainly decided to get that tattoo and I am still thinking of a bat on the inside of my wrist. What do you think?



Love the blog - very entertaining!

You are SO going to regret getting a tatoo.

Sorry, I know that it might seem like a cool idea, but how is it going to look when you are 30 or 40? And let me tell you from personal experience, that laser removal is really painful and leaves a scar.

And apart from aesthetics, people look at you differently when you have a tattoo. And not in a good way. For example, would you hire someone with a bat tattooed on them?

Just my 2 cents!


Oh no, too late!

Thanks for your concern, but it's teeny, really very small -- I'll be able to hide it under my watchstrap (reasonably large watch) when I go for interviews.

Thanks 4 your kind words on the blog! It is so exciting to have people reading my ramblings.


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