Laugh? I nearly wet my pants!

Last night, I cashed in one of my freebies from Dublin Tourism (thanks, guys) and went to see a show called Cirque de Legume in Filmbase. It's a stuffy cellar venue but that didn't matter. You know, I don't think I've ever attended a Fringe Festival before, and I had imagined experimental theare to be a bit obtuse, but these guys were hilarious. An onion strip-tease? I kept thinking out it today when I was getting my sandwiches ready (economy drive; serious cash flow issues) and I swear to goodness, vegetables don't look the same today as they used to. Where did they come up with the ideas? Barking lettuce... Oh, don't get me started!!! It was like being Alice in Wonderland; an alternate universe where the rules are different.

Which reminds me, I mentioned to Mom about getting a tattoo and she was all like "Over my dead body!"

To which I said, "But Mom, I am a grown woman."

In response to which: "But your father and I are still subsidising you so unless you want to try surviving on just the scholarship..."

Which left me a bit indecisive. I don't like her being controlling, but she DOES send me cash every month so... Thing is though, I know she'd come around if I actually got the damn thing, and what I have in mind is VERY small and very tasteful and absolutely appropriate (as I mentioned, a teeny-weeny vampire bad just inside my wrist, in homage to Bram Stoker, son of Dublin).

Know what? I think I'll just go ahead and do it anyway. What the hey. You only live once. Unless you're a vampire, of course.


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