Last night was the anniversary of the invention of Guinness, apparently.

Anyway, as you can imagine, the whole city went crazy! Guinness, of course, is the local brew. The company had put on shows all over town and I think just about every student in the city was on the streets. I heard rumours of free pints, but didn't find anyone. It didn't matter and I actually didn't even drink all that much because we (I went out with a bunch of guys from my department at TCD) spent most of the evening wandering from one joint to another.

At one point, we hooked up with a bunch of medical students from Nigeria, who were celebrating and waving little Nigerian flags. This seemed kinda odd so I asked them why and they told me that where they come from Guinness is actually brewed and that it's madly popular in Nigeria. Go figure.

I also came home armed with a recipe for Guinness Beef Stew that they were handing out in one of the bars, so I guess I'll give that a lash. Things are not great in the flat right now with Bepe feeling so-so about the girlfriend and her failure to find a job and blah and I guess I wasn't necessarily all that diplomatic about her when she was here. If I can manage to knock together a good stew, I think he'll be pleased as he's always deploring my eating habits. Which is a bit mean as he's a chef and I'm, well, not. I'm planning to stay in tomorrow and do that.

Not tonight tho'. Tonight is Culture night! What a cool idea; museums and venues all over town are open until late with free entry for everyone. I actually think that they should do this more often, because it's not always easy to get to stuff during the day. But I am not complaining; this is the coolest idea. I'm gonna grab a burger at Captain America's and pound the pavements from one culture hotspot to another until late!


Am so looking forward to Culture Night. It's a great chance to see some stuff that you normally wouldn't think of going to.

There's going to be a great exhibit on in the National Museum featuring a LIVE PYTHON from the zoo!

I also have to visit my friends gallery on Francis St - The Bad Art Gallery which is a great little place.

It's going to be a great night!


Thanks for the tip Denise! I am getting dressed up to go out as I write. I think this calls for a nice outfit so I'm seeing what I can knock together...

Torn though, betwee the Museum of Modern Art and staying in town and just wandering about. a decision has to be made!


Hi! I like your blog and the way you think about things. I'm living in Dublin too. Studying and always looking for new friends and interesting things to do...


Thanks, Marcelle! Where are you from? I'm guessing maybe France? If you have a blog too, maybe we can exchange links... there's still a lot of areas I don't really know yet, as well, so if you have any tips. I haven't really explored Rathmines and Ranelagh yet tho' I know there's a lot of students there so I guess there must be some cool places to go.


In fact, I'm Brazilian!
My name lies! hahaha
I don't have a blog, but that's my email if u wanna keep in touch!


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