Well, my lovely tattoo is all healed now and I am so happy with it. Not so my room mate. As if it was any of his business, he grabbed my wrist yesterday afternoon and we had the following lovely exchange:

"What the hell have you done?"
"It's a tattoo."
"I can see that. I'm wondering why you were so stupid as to defile yourself like that" (he actually said, "defile")
"Well, I'm not the one who got back together with his cheating girlfriend, so if anyone is stupid..."

Things have been pretty tense since then and I find myself wondering for the nth time if maybe I should just move out and find someplace else to live. Thing is that I love where this apartment is--it rocks looking out the window and seeing the Liffey and the Ha'penny Bridge and most of the time we actually have a lot of fun together sharing this house. But with the girlfriend...well, three is a crowd and while obviously she's gonna be here some of the time there's been no mention of her chipping in to pay for all the hot water she consumes in the shower and hand-washing her stupid lingerie.

That might sound petty, but I'm on a budget here.

On a cheerier note, college is going really well. I like my supervisor, I like the other students and Trinity is a lot more fun with more structure to my day. They all seem impressed with all the pre-reading I've done and, of course, there's the constant thrill of will-I-or-won't-I see the Beautiful PhD Student on whom I've got such a crush.

As for the entertainments this week, there's a comedy festival on that is out of my budget -- but I don't feel hard-done-by. I'll be hitting my usual comedy joint, the International! Maybe even tonight, if I can get someone to come with me.


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