September melancholy

Something arrived in the mail today and I had to go downstairs to get it from the mailman; partridge berry jam, sent my my mom, made by my aunt.

Now I'm sure that there are some great jams in Ireland, but I can't imagine that they compete with the magic of partidge berries. Maybe it's the knowlege that I won't be home for Christmas this year, but I'm having a little seasonal homesickness, for the salty coldness of the clouds on an early Septmber morning before the Fall really sets in.

But enough of that. The real news is that I think I might've replaced George, my erstwhile handsome librarian from the National Library with a PhD candidate I've seen in the library at TCD. I don't know what department he's in but he's totally rocking the "dark Irish" look, rather like Daniel Day Lewis back in the day .... I guess maybe 25 years ago? This also means that I now share my mom's taste in men, which is a bit too icky to explore in detail and which I won't ponder on for too long.

But how to get this Celtic Adonis to notice yours truly?

Meanwhile, I've got a couple more free tickets to Fringe events and will be going to something tonight and then again tomorrow, of which more later.


hey you! im joanne's daughter, my name's Caley

she told me about your blog awhile ago but with school and everything i hadn't had a chance to check it out until now. i was laughing as i read through it today. you were bang on with complaint about the weather in ireland. my general rule for that is 'wait five minutes' cause it always changes. and cause as a student myself i can understand the need for free anything i have posted your blogs existence on my facebook page :)


Thanks Caley :-) Really appreciate it.

Dublin's weather is pretty changeable -- but I'm from Newfoundland, so I can't really complain about the weather. Plus, there's actually loads to do indoors, especially if you live downtown. If you get a chance to get on exchange program with one of the colleges here, I'd totally recommend it.


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