Zocorro is hot!

I've found an idol to worship.

...Wow, I wish I looked like Zocorro. She's the Fringe Fest gig on in Bewley's Cafe and she rocks. I think some of the show was above my head, or possibly had too many local references (?) but she's a total freakin riot. Plus I love the venue. How cool is it to have teeny theatres all over the city? I keep coming across them in all sorts of unlikely places. This one is in an old, elegant cafe (I have actually had an Irish Breakfast there -- it is not nearly as expensive as it looks) on Grafton Street.

I feel really lucky to have had these free tix to the Fringe Festival. Thank you, Dublin Tourism!

In more news, work is building up steam at college. And I'm building up steam every time I see my new crush. Sigh. Of course, I haven't spoken to him, as he is a lofty PhD candidate and I am a mere MA underling. But gosh. When Irish boys are hot, they are totally rocking.

Mostly, I'm quite happy to be tall. I'm a blonde gal and I'm quite tall, like my hard-working outport forebears. And there's something that makes me thing that Mr Gorgeous would like a waif to toss over his shoulder. But I don't know. What to do? How to impress? I'm way too tall to be winsome, so my best chance is to impress him with my exotic origins (well, exotic-ish) or get Bepe to preprepare something to and make him thing I'm a fabulous cook or... suggestions welcome please.

I have casually broken into loud conversation within earshot about my recent exploits at the forty foot, so here's hoping he'll be won over by my impressive sea-swimming feats.

I do have one more set of free tickets to use in the Fringe Festival but can't quite figure out how to a) introduce myself or b) invite him out.

All suggestions welcome thank you!


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