I didn't think that I would be able to go, but thanks to this blog, have got tickets to three shows in the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Once again, thank you Dublin Tourism. I hope you continue liking my blog :) I am doing my best to be honest about my experiences here, the less good as well as the great so I'm really happy that you like it so far.

The shows are coming up this week so watch this space. The Dublin Theatre Festival rocks. It is hard to believe that there's as much theatre in Dublin as there is but it's true. As well as the big venues, there are theatres in all sorts of unexpected places. I think I mentioned some in an earlier blog about the Fringe Festival. Maybe it's the penniless student in me, but I kind of like these tiny venues best, as they are more surprising and you are really close to the performers. Like one in a bookstore and in a cafe.

Back at the ranch, Bepe's girlfriend is still on the scene and, aggravatingly, the failure to find a job seems to have paid dividends for her as now her father has decided to bankroll her at English School. The only good thing is that he's a very moral sort who won't have her living with her boyfriend. So she'll usually be gone after midnight, in case Daddy rings to check.

I can't stand her. Honestly, I can't. I was wearing some of my new flea-market duds and she was all like. "That's very originale. Did your professors tell you to dress up like that as part of your research?"


Anyway, focusing on the positive, I'm gonna go read up on the shows that Dublin Tourism is treating me to and decide who to take with me. I know who's not coming.


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