Hooray! It's the weekend.

I've been working super-hard this week so the first plan of action is SLEEP, blessed sleep. I'm planning to go to bed early tonight and then lie in bed until lunch time. Ahhhhh.....

Also! Great news; I got talking to the PhD student I've had a crush on this last little while. Nothing much really, but I established that he's from County Meath, spent a year in Australia picking fruit and decided to go back and do a PhD because of the global downturn. He's 25 and he's "only gorgeous" as the Irish girls say.

That's as far as it got. How did I start chatting to him? Well, I was sneaky. I noticed that he was wearning an Irish rugby shirt and, pretending I wanted to buy one for my friend, asked him where they could be found...

OK, I know I'm lame but a gal has to do what a gal has to do. After all that embarrassment with George, I'm taking it slow so that is as far as I've got. But at least now we are on "hello" terms when we pass each other in TCD.

Thanks to my free tickets, the rest of the weekend is pretty much taken care of. I'm going to a show on Saturday night. Again, Dublin Tourism could only give me one ticket but I am getting used to the idea of going to the theatre on my own and anyway I'm meeting some of the other postgrads afterwards for a drink. Sunday, if the weather is OK, I'm going to meet Saoirse and her Mom and go to the Botanic Gardens. I'm not so interested in plants as all that but there's a sculpture show on there to, which is kind of a neat idea so I'm looking forward to that. Saoirse's Mom is also planning to go to a casino... just kidding! Casino is the Italian for little house, I think. Anyway, it's this crazy miniature Italian villa in the middle of an otherwise ordinary Dublin suburb. As I believe Sunday lunch is on her, we're gonna go keep her company. Plus, it might be interesting! I haven't been before but I've seen photos and it does look like the sort of place that might have inspired by dear old Bram Stoker, who in my humble opinion is possibly the greatest Dubliner of all time!

That's all for now folks! I'm going home for an early night.


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