Sometimes I miss my mom...

...but right now it's in a good way.

Yesterday, I hung out with Saoirse and her Mom, who is supernice. Almost as nice as my own. She took us to the Botanic Gardens . I'd been happy enough to go but had suspected it wouldn't really be my sorta thing but, I have to say, they were gorgeous. I had not expected those huge glasshouses of tropical and desert plants. I have a soft spot for carnivorous plants (the provincial plant of Newfoundland and Labrador is an insect eater)and there was even a section of those.

But what was really cool was that there was a big exhibition on, Sculpture in Context. So hidden among the plants, inside and outside, were all these amazing works of art.

After the gardens and the Casino Marino I thought that the day was over, but Wonderful Saoirse's Mom took us both out to eat in town. She insisted on paying for everything. She said, "You'll be able to pay for me when you graduate and get a job." Well, hopefully!

Anyway, she took us to this place that I would NEVER be able to afford myself, not even on a good month but that maybe I can persuade my folks to take me to when they are over for Xmas. The Pigs Ear. Check it out. It's actually not that expensive, as restaurants go, but I ate SO MUCH that I ended up feeling a bit embarrassed about my part of the bill :-p

Gosh, she is one nice lady. She's like an older, softer version of Saoirse and I guess maybe kinda like Saoirse will be when she's middle aged. Not that she's OLD old as she was only 22 when S was born.

It all made me realise how much I miss hanging out with my Mom, although we don't do it enough, and how much I am looking forward to seeing her at Christmas [sniff]


Hello Towniegirl,

As a middle-aged "mom" myself, I'm glad you are missing your mother! My youngest son just went up to university and although I hope he's having fun I'd like to think he misses me a little too :-)

Thanks for the blog. I love Dublin and visit quite frequently. The first time was for work and I liked it so much I keep coming back. Although I'm old enough to be your, well, "mom" I've picked up a couple of good tips from you! Keep up the good work.


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