another weekend commmminnnnngggg up!!

I feel pleased with myself. I've worked very hard this week and I think that that entitles me to a seriously good weekend.

So here's the plan: I'm going out tonight and Saturday and Sunday, I'm gonna do healthy things. I tend to put on a few pounds in the winter, so I'm trying to get into a bit of an exercise routine for the weekends as, living in town, the walk to TCD is not really enough. Saoirse has a similar idea so hopefully we'll be able to get together.

There are various options and most are not expensive -- but the final choice will come down to the weather. I could rent a bike in Phoenix Park if it's sunny. I looked it up. Or, I might head out to the 'burbs and go for a walk up Killiney Hill where I've never been.

If it's raining, I'll go for a swim.

Now that I think about it, isn't it kinda odd to go for a swim to avoid getting wet?? Ha ha...

In other news! Tonight is a big night. A huge bunch postgrads from the fair land of Canada have arranged to go out en masse as a sort of get-to-know you event. Honestly, I usually prefer to go out with Irish friends, but because we are foreigners here, we can do things that most Dubliners maybe don't, like go to one of those joints where they put on an Irish dancing show for the tourists. However, being from Newfoundland I pleaded that I am already quite familiar with Celtic Music so instead we are going on the Dublin Pub Crawl.

It is, ahem, true that I have already seen the inside of a great many pubs around Dublin, but this is a LITERARY pub tour with actors who read to you from Great Works and I am a LITERATURE student so, really, I should be commended for attending to my studies while also "going for a pint" or four ;-)

Also. Haven't seen Bepe's MOT for a while so I must discreetly try to find on what's happening there!

OK! I've got to go put on some glad rags and get ready for this night of


Great blog! Can't wait for my trip in two weeks to Ireland!


Thanks, Petra. So you'll be here for Hallow'een. That's pretty good timing, I guess! Where are you staying? I might be able to suggest some fun bars if you are anywhere near the city centre.


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