Lazy Monday

So...woke on Sunday to find the skies gray and rain pouring down outside the apartment. I had planned to organise something healthy and life-affirming, but instead I just rolled over in bed for some more shut-eye. It looked as though the weather had settled in for the day.

When I woke again, about two hours later, the skies were blue and the sun was shining down innocently, as if it had been there the whole time. I love the way the Irish weather keeps you guessing!

At that point I was running late so I rang Saoirse and arranged to meet her for a walk up Killiney Hill. She was all "Groan...I've got a hangover..." but I reminded her of the couple of extra pounds she keeps saying she wants to shift so we arranged to meet at the park out there and then Just Do It.

Well, I have to say the view was amazing. I don't think I saw all the way to Wales, but with a slight squint and by looking directly into the sun, I could convince myself that maybe... Glorious. S had had the foresight to bring some sandwiches so we just sat at the top of the hill and luxuriated in the amazing view.

I like living in the city centre, but I can see the attraction of Killiney! Fortunately, it's not far on the DART.

Later on, when I was getting off at my station and ready to head back to the apartment, something marvellous happened. I was walking up along the back of Trinity when I bumped into the gorgeous PhD student guy.

"Hope you're not working on a Sunday," I said. (Is the library even open on Sundays--have to confess, I don't know).

"Heh, no," he goes. "I was just going for dinner. Eh. Want to come?"

Well, I made a show of checking my mobile phone and pretending that the friend who I was otherwise supposed to be hanging out with had just texted me to say that she couldn't make it after all, and then we went to this cool Thai place that I totally couldn't afford (thanks goodness for Lidl coz that's where I'll be eating for the next 2 weeks.

The meal went well though, I think. It didn't feel like a "date" as neither of us was dressed up or anything (in my case quite the reverse as I was all sports-casual ((read "a mess")) following the walk. Also, I dropped some hot noodles into my cleavage and had to deal with that in a less than dignified way. But we parted with a friendly kiss on the cheek and vague promises to "do it again sometime." Plus, we exchanged numbers.

So ya never know.

Back at the ranch, Bepe came back from having been to the match at Croke Park. What match is that? The Ireland vs Italy World Cup Qualifier, you dope! Although it was a draw and Italy qualified he was kinda moody as he felt they should've won. I guess maybe he's feeling homesick...? Anyway,between my expensive dinner and his expensive ticket, we'll both be spending a lot of time around the apartment for the next little while, that's for sure.


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