baby blues

I had sort of got my hopes up after the whole is-it-or-isn't-it a date thing at the restaurant with Beautiful PhD guy. I mean, we were getting along great, he's really funny and great and gorgeous and totally like, Oh, Johnny Depp 15 years ago.

And then today I ran into him and he was with a kid. I'm not so good at guessing kids' ages but I'm thinking maybe three or four. Still in a stroller, anyway.

I was like: "Oooh... babysitting for the day?"
And he said: "No, she's mine."
"Yeah, me and her mum split up a year ago and we have joint custody."
"That's gotta be tough."
"Well it is and it isn't. Love her to pieces."

And then he said: "But obviously I'm not planning to get into any relationships until she's old enough to understand."

Total downer. Was it directed at me? Was it a pointed remark?

He followed it up by saying that he'd had fun the other night at the restaurant and we should meet up again. So I guess we are buddies now.

Question: Is that better than nothing, or worse than nothing? It was bad enough when I had that crush on George the Hunky Librarian at the National Library

I am depressed. I had planned to borrow a bike and go for healthy cycles and things between studying this week but now all I want to do is eat. Also, after blowing a wad of cash on dinner out with this Adonis, I have almost no money this week. That means if I'm gonna have any treats it'll have to be fish n chips. Admittedly, I love Fish n Chips (tho I still love the ones in Ches's in St Johns the best.)

So I'm going home to spend a quiet evening in with Bepe, who is having similar financial woes as tipping is wayyyyy down.

Fortunately, Hallow'een is coming up so hopefully there'll be some free entertainments. After all, Ireland is where it was invented, right? So those crazy Celts're bound to come up with something. The Dublin Tourism people sent me a couple of tickets to a ghost bus tour so I will have to look into it and see if it's interesting.

Plus. Does anyone know how to make Barn Brack (sp?) Apparently, it's a tradition Hallow'een cake, and I think it would be kind of cool to make my own.


Hi Towniegirl,

"Báirín Breac" as it's known in Irish is a Halloween cake. It's part of the Halloween celebration here in Ireland. It's a big deal for us Irish, as it marks a major celtic harvest festival and many of the traditions date back thousands of years - well before the Christian era.

Anyway, the Brack has a ring in it and if you get it then you'll be married within the year! In some parts of the country there are other not so lovely things in the brack like a rag, which means you'll be poor and a dried pea which means you'll be barren!!!!

I think in most places it's just the ring though. That's how it was when I was growing up.

There are cookery classes around town where you could learn how to bake one - might be fun!

Love the blog by the way!


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