Party tonight

I've been working hard all week, and now I am all set. We're good to go. I am even going to cook tonight: Colcannon, a traditional Irish dish. It seems really easy, so I'm hoping even I can get it right. I bought the ingredients at the greengrocer on my way home from college. I love that guy. So we had the following conversation:

Buddy says to me: "So do you have something planned for Hallow'een?"

"Sure," I say, "I'm having a little party tonight and going out tomorrow."

"Well, you might as well enjoy your youth while you can, it'll be gone soon enough."

"That's kinda gloomy!"

"Well, it's the season that's in it. I've been in here all week ponderin' me mortality and contemplatin' the certain doom that awaits."

"What certain doom?"

"Sure we all have to die sometime."

You don't just get vegetables from that guy; you get philosophy too!

There seems to be loads on this weekend so it will be hard to choose. If I go the easy route and stay close to home, there's a chocolate festival on in Temple Bar. But chocolate? I love it, obviously, but. Well, I'm pretty tall so if I gained much weight I'd just look huge. So... well... OK... alright, just one!



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